My personality

I'm a technical brainstormer

General speaking I'm an extroverted geek who likes interesting and intellectual discussions about almost everything. I strive and adopt for change. Change may not end up good, but the general idea and concept behind the change should at least be good. Otherwise somethings off.. Challenges is the drug in my life, especially technical complicated ones. The challenge combination with a hard working team makes my adrenaline spike.

From above description you could say that I'm energetic, creative, and solutions focused.

My MBTI is: ENTP - Link to my profile

My past

Small town boy that got sick of that life and moved to the capital city

Life has not always been easy for me. My mother passed when I was five years old. School was shit. I had a lot of friends, but the school was just not for me. I simply where to uninterested about what was taught in school.

However. During my childhood, more precisely eleven years old I discovered the wonderful land of computers. I remember that I got old computer parts from my grandfather to mess around with. He also taught me how to build them.

Computers where, and still is the foundation which my whole life is based on.
After my college graduation I moved to Stockholm, where I've lived and worked since 2012.

My current situation

Working, investing and learning

What I do

I build and operate stuff. Producing new ideas and paths.

"Stuff" references to building data center infrastructure that is fully qualified to serve mission critical applications used by NOC (Network Operations Center) and UC (Unified Communication). These applications are sensitive and needs to be handled with care. Slight diff in time sync and your screwed.

My competence

Linux, Virtualization, Storage, Layer 2, 3 networking and IaC

I have strong knowledge in managing complex IT environments, both small and big scale.